Duration: 2-Week course, 6 classes (60 min. each)

Price:  $499


The 2 Weeks Life-Enhancing Course is a total package of healing yogic and other popular practices bundled in 2 weeks

  • Each day will have a unique subtle practice that also works as a therapy and try to change your thought patterns and your life energies.
  • Once your life energies are changed, you start feeling light and revived. The whole idea is to detoxify your body and fill you with the life force energy
  • It is a life consultation session.


Day-1 is on Subconscious therapy

In this session, the facilitator will engage with you in a small conversation
  • In this conversation, the facilitator tries to know your psychology, mental traits and trauma (if any).
  • After this, appropriate affirmations are suggested. The facilitator also guides you to new thought patterns and affirmations needed to heal you psychologically and/or physically.
  • These are small and effective ways to manifest goals, change the person’s psyche and free them from the trap of any negative or traumatic imprints.


This session is very useful in the following situations:
  • Any trauma in the past
  • Obsessive thought patterns
  • Relationship and emotional scars
  • Underestimating self
  • To achieve any goal in life
  • For better health and
  • Manifest desires
  • Want to get rid of psychological perception



Day-2 is on pranayama and mudra and Life Coaching

Life Coaching session 30 min. (1st session)

Here the therapist listens to your issues, knows your psychology and requirements and helps you accordingly through Life-Coaching

Pranayama 15 min
  • Know the best suitable pranayama for your energy constitution and let you practice.
  • Pranayama is an exercise of the vital force within. Practice it with the facilitator.
  • Since the chosen pranayama is assessed especially for your life, it shows amazing results.
Mudra 15 min
  • Mudras are amazing techniques to rejuvenate life energies, release negative energies & toxins and help you get out of emotional traumatic situations.
  • With mudras, you instantly feel energy rushing into your body.
  • Generally,1 most suitable mudra is suggested and practiced.

Note: Since these mudras do not involve much of the movements, they have been underestimated.



Day-3 is on Asanas and Life Coaching

Asanas 20 min
  • Demonstration of ancient, simple and very effective asana practices.
  • Asanas are also selected through assessment to uplift you spiritually as well as physically.
  • Not any random asanas, but also selected through psychic/distance reading.
Life Coaching Session 30 min. (2nd session)
  •  Again, the therapist listens to you, knows your psychology and requirements and helps you accordingly through Life-Coaching



Day-4 is on meditation and Life Coaching

Knowing and practice of no-thought meditation 30 min
  • Vigyan Bhairav Tantra is one of the most prominent texts on meditation.
  • It is the text on nothingness and leads you to nothingness.
  • A dialogue between Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva stabilizes your psychology and helps you reach thoughtlessness and a higher state of meditation.
  • 1 suitable meditation is chosen for your energy constitution and your practice with the facilitator.
Life Coaching Session 30 min (3rd session)
  •  In this last session of Life Coaching the therapist knows your psychology and requirements and helps you accordingly through Life-Coaching



Day-5 is on Crystals

Revision of the pranayama 10 min
  • Revision of the pranayama learnt the previous day
Crystals for me (Chakra based) 40 min
  • A pseudoscientific alternative therapy with the use of crystals such as quartz, amethyst etc to wear.
  • Crystals are the most powerful energy elements which also helps people to transform their energies resulting in better health and immune system
  • We help you choose the right crystals for your energy as per psychic reading.
Food and Life 10 min
  • The connection between pranic energy and food
  • Know what you should eat for your health



Day-6 Recap of all the practices done and Q&As

This course is designed for people who want to get an energy boost in their lives through spirituality and to get guidance on how spirituality can be a life force energy and can change their lives.


Who is this program for?

This program is for people who are seeking life force energies and fundamentals of health through yoga.

This is a very good program as all the techniques practiced during this program are taken from authentic and spiritual texts and picked up specially to build and enhance your primordial force. For people who are looking to reconnect to their life energies, this program is a must.

Anyone who is looking for energetic and spiritual upliftment in yogic practices should opt for this program.

What happens during the program?

This program consists of asanas, pranayama, mudras and meditation, subconscious mind therapy and crystal healing. These are ancient yogic and spiritual techniques to make your body in line with yourself.

Why should I take this program and what will I learn from it?

You should take this course because all techniques are ancient which aim at rejuvenating your basic energies of life. In a nutshell, All the techniques are therapeutic. This program helps people reduce stress, anxiety, depression, jealousy and excessive thought patterns.

How to take this workshop?

  • Book this program online by visiting the website and making the payment of a booking amount.
  • Payment is accepted online through Google Pay, credit/debit cards and PayPal.
  • Once you book your program, you are ready to take the workshop on a scheduled date.
  • A time slot is given to an individual to take the workshop.
  • Send 1 recent pic with a clear face for **assessment on .
  • The personality of an individual would be accessed based on his/her aura, energy constitution, likings, and interests at the present moment via photo through psychic reading and distance reading
  • After this assessment, suitable meditation and other techniques are suggested along with crystals and subconscious therapy is given to you which is suitable to them, either online or in-person
  • Make sure that you are taking meals at least 2 ½ hours before attending the class and take one yoga mat along.
  • Practice the suggested techniques every day to realize the results.


What is assessment?

Assessment is done by reading subtle energies of the energy body of the person. The energy body is always with the person with his physical body. When face reading is done, we actually see the subtle vibrations and the subtle patterns of the mental structure which is reflecting on the energy body through the physical body.

In face reading, it is not the real physical traits that are read but the energy which is visible through the face is what is to be read.

All kinds of emotional energies are on the face and can be read if you are sensitive enough to the energies.



Day-1 is on Subconscious therapy


Day-2 is on Pranayama and Mudra and Life Coaching


Day-3 is on Asanas and Life Coaching


Day-4 is on Meditation and Life Coaching


Day-5 is on Crystals, Chakras and Chakra related practices


Day-6 is Recap of all the practices done and Q&A


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