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What techniques am I going to learn?

Ancient tantric and tao techniques (proven techniques). There would also be demonstrations of the practices.    

About the Course:

The course is of 4 weeks (twice a week classes). Total number of Live classes is 8. (Each session is 90 min.) Sufficient number of days are given between the classes for a person to practise the tools suggested and demonstrated during the Live classes. During the course, support for progress in the course and individual practice is monitored through extra voice/ video call with the teacher. Since this is a spiritual course based on ancient practices of taoism and tantra, Practising the methods and tools will greatly enhance the benefits of this course  

Benefit of the course:

The benefits of this course are endless. Some of the few are:

Spiritual progress

  • Better meditation and concentration
  • Better subtle energy perception
  • Feel good factor
  • Sublimation & Transformation of sexual desire

Sexual Health and longevity

  • Boost sexual desire
  • Feel good factor
  • Removing and reducing men ailments, issues
  • Very good in Premature ejaculation
  • Very good in PCOD
  • Helps in prostate issues
  • Ways to get full-body orgasms
  • Know point of no-return

General health and immune system

  • Relief from frequent cough and cold
  • Ailments and wounds heal faster

Releases psycho-sexual conflicts

  • More confident in your sexual experiences
  • Releases shame
  • No-more guilty about bodily desire

Five concise points highlighting couple’s sexual growth through this course:

  1. Heightened Sensuality: Tantra fosters a deeper connection with one’s sensuality and pleasure.
  2. Boosted Body Confidence: It promotes self-love and acceptance, enhancing body confidence.
  3. Deeper Intimacy: Tantra improves communication, leading to more profound emotional and sexual connections.
  4. Expanded Orgasmic Potential: Couple can explore various techniques for more fulfilling orgasms.
  5. Healing and Liberation: Tantra can help in healing past traumas and emotional blockages, liberating one’s sexuality.

How does it work?

  1. This is a special workshop as the techniques and practices suggested to you are based on your temperaments and energies.
  2. This workshop is designed to help people grow rapidly in the tantric journey as the practices are especially hand picked suiting to their constitution.
  3. Journey connected to your sexual yoga (Tantra) is by suggesting you the best suited practices to you via an google meet or zoom session
  4. During this workshop, these practices are demonstrated and you will be performing them along with the teacher. Once you are familiar with the practices, you need to practise it everyday at home to realise the results.
  5. Practices are taken from ancient Tantra and taoism
  6. Send your recent pic on WhatsApp or email us. We will then assess your personality. Once the personality is assessed, we will recommend specific practices to you.
Note: You will have a special assessment of your temperament to find out the best suitable practices for you. This workshop is uniquely designed for a couple.

What is assessment?

Assessment is done by reading the subtle energies of the body of a person. Energy body is always attached to a person’s physical body. When face reading is performed, we actually see the subtle vibrations and the subtle patterns of the energy structure which is reflected as an energy body via the physical body. All kinds of emotional energies are visible through the face and can be read if a person is sensitive enough towards the energies.


Day-1 Subconscious therapy, Affirmations and its practices, Feedback from the students Day-2 2 Asanas Bhujangasana Paschimottanasana/Marjari Asana 2 Meditation Asanas Sukhasana, Ardha Padmasana Meditation Mudras Gyan Mudra, Bhairava Mudra



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