Online Sexual Alchemy: 4-weeks transformative journey on tantra

4 Weeks course, 8 classes (90 min each), Extra voice, WhatsApp support
+ 2 hours Extra Zoom support to the Group

Price- $549

This course comprises talks, insightful concepts and Q&As, But most importantly, the ancient practices. These practices tune your body to channelize the energy within.

The aim of these various practices taught in each class is to set them in your mind and body in order to make your tantric journey feasible. 

These are very powerful ancient practices from Tao, Tantra and Yoga. It is these special practices which make this course unique and powerful.

Day wise content are as follows:


Day 1:

  • 4  benefits of practicing tantra
  • Kundalini and Chakras overview
  • 3 fundamental strengthening practices From yoga, tantra and Tao

Day 2:

  • Values of Tantra
  • Practices for women From Tao
  • Lord Shiva’s verses on sexual tantra from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra
  • Meditation to release psycho-sexual conflicts from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra
  • Energy sublimation practices leading to Full Body Orgasm from Tantra

Day 3:

  • Separate practices for men and women for health, meditation and sublimation Leading to Full Body Orgasm from Tao
  • Common eye practices for sublimation of energy from Tao
  • Primary regular practice for health, meditation and sublimation leading to Full Body Orgasm from Tao

Day 4:

  • 3 Sexual gates
  • Valley Orgasm
  • Learning the massage techniques
  • Eye-gazing meditation with a partner
  • Practice to tune with a partner

Day 5:

  • Powerful and gentle regular practice for sublimation for Full Body Orgasm from Tantra
  • Breathing practice for bringing aligning and oneness in couples from Tantra
  • 2 Practices for men to transform sexual energy into spiritual energy from tao. Also for health (Aroused and unaroused)

Day 6:

  • Special breathing tantric practice for Full Body Orgasm from Tantra
  • Practice for women to transform sexual energy into spiritual energy and for healing diseases related to ovaries. Also for general health and immunity. 

Day 7:

  •  2 final practices for health, energy sublimation and prolonged act leading to Full Body Orgasm for Tao (For singles and couples)

Day 8:

  • The famous Yam-Yab position of Tantra
  • Meditation
  • Review of practices

About the course..

  • A mixture of theory, practical and Q&A sessions. 
  • Practices are mostly taken from ancient yogic, tantric texts and Taoism. 
  • Once the course is complete, you will be up with the techniques of tantra.Practice at home to realize the results. 
  • After taking this course, you will have a new outlook towards sex and life. 

Who is this course for?

This course is for people wanting to deepen their understanding between sex and spirituality. 

The course suggests how to transform your sexual energy into spiritual energy. It also covers enhancing immunity, general health, and inner strength.

After taking this course, sex no longer remains a taboo and your perspective towards sex changes. It becomes divine energy that helps and grows you in your meditation and reaching higher consciousness. 

Also, choose this course if you have a lot of sexual desire and want to transform your sexuality into spirituality. 

At the same time, If you want to enhance your sexual desire and want to enrich your sexual experience, this course is right for you. 

What I would learn from this course?

You would learn the following:
  1. Connection between sex and spirituality. Knowing sexual energy is divine energy.
  2. Full body orgasm. Ways to reach it and their techniques.
  3. What are multiple orgasms?  What are the techniques facilitating it? 
  4. Stay longer in a sexual act and stop premature ejaculation.
  5. Vital exercises for women’s ovaries and uterus.
  6. Lord Shiva’s definition of tantric sex and its benefits. 
  7. Practicing tantra and its techniques when you are a single man/woman. 
  8. Ways to reduce menstruation bleeding
  9. Sexual trauma and how to overcome it?
  10. What is tantric sex and how to enhance your sexual pleasure? 
  11. Slow sex and its importance in your spiritual growth and health? 
  12. Yum Yab position. 


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