Duration: 1-Week course
Price:  $199
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1-Week Therapeutic yog workshop

We offer a new wellness program of yoga and other spiritual practices which helps cure and reduce illnesses. Now-a-days most people are under stress, and because of it, they are facing a lot of health issues. Thinking of health issues and diseases/ailments spreading everywhere, we have come up with this program. which deals with not only your physical health but also rejuvenating your inner self so that the cure is more effective. Yoga helps heal your inner Self.  

Issues covered are-

  • Prostate, Periods, Kidney cleansing,
  • Women’s Issues, Men’s issues, Sexual libido,
  • Diabetes, Constipation, Migraine, Concentration,
  • Immunity, Depression, Anxiety, Heart disease,
  • Spondylitis, spinal cord, Thyroid, digestion issue,
  • Hump, issue in speaking, confidence, Insomnia,
  • Increased heat or cool body issues,
  • Flexibility, Skin issues etc.

How to take this workshop?

  • Send 1 recent pic with a clear face for **assessment on WhatsApp no. +91 63877 70775.
  • The personality of an individual would be accessed based on his aura, energy constitution, likings, and interests through distance, psychic reading and parapsychology at that present moment via photo
  • After this assessment, 1-2 Asanas, 1 pranayama, and 1-2 gestures (mudra) are suggested to an individual which is most suitable to them, either online or in-person
  • A time slot is given to an individual to take the workshop.
  • Practice the suggested techniques every day to realize the results.
  • Payment is accepted online through online banking and PayPal.

What is assessment?

Assessment is done by reading subtle energies of the energy body of the person. The energy body is always with the person along with his physical body. When face reading is done, we actually see the subtle vibrations and the subtle patterns of the mental structure which is reflecting on the energy body through the physical body. In face reading. It is not the real physical traits that are read but the energy which is visible through the face is what is to be read. All kinds of emotional energies are on the face and can be read if you are sensitive. It is as simple


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