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Unleash Your Potential: Spiritual Wellness, Yog, Tantra, Life Coaching- Connect to Your True Self.

Get yourself empowered with the following ways

01Life coaching: Personalised guidance for success and fulfilment.

02Yoga: A path to physical and mental harmony and well-being.

03Sexual Tantra: Sacred intimacy for spiritual growth.

High performance personalized coaching. You should join us

Accredited Coaches
Teda Mosty

Certified Life Coach

Robin Schratsky

Business Coach

Marsha Eriksen

Certified Life Coach

Barney Stinson

Business Coach

Lent Aldrin

Business CEO Coach

Tracy McConnell

Business Coach

Anna Harper

Product Design Coach

Maden Schmidt

Public Speaker Coach

Book on Spirituality, Divinity and Self


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Boosts and transforms your sexual Energy and releases psycho-sexual conflicts

Tantra community

Private facebook community. Only member allowed

100% Money back guarantee

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Ancient Tao/Tantra practices

Learn and master ancient Practices for sexual cultivation

Voice/Video call support

Get additional individual support on your Tantric spiritual journey

A Group Online Course

Upcoming Tantra Course

Benefits of tantra course



Know the techniques to sublimate the energy into higher self and organs



Get robust health, immune system and greater memory


Women’s issue

Regulates menstruation, improves overall sexual health and addresses psychosexual conflicts


Men’s issues

Deals greatly with almost all men’s issues Including PME and ED

Life Coaching...
You need help?
We have methods.

Life coaching helps individuals advance in their careers, set goals, and overcome challenges.

Life coaching enhances clarity and connection in personal and professional relationships.

Life coaching fosters self-confidence, well-being, and a more meaningful life.


Thank you sir for a great course. It has been a wonderful experience with lots of opportunities to ask questions and talk about real life examples and ways to connect with ourselves. It was great meeting you and learning from you with so much positivity. Thank you.

No name student

I took the VBT meditation workshop online, it was more personalized and experimental learning and I had a lot of self-realization after I started practicing the asanas and meditation techniques which were given to me, people who want to know/learn/practice spiritually, self-awareness and knowing one-self, I highly recommend you to take this course from aanurag.

Arun Kapil, Tamilnadu : yog student

Finally I know what meditation is! I have instructions to know how to become in a meditative state. It will take a lot of practice through to really experience it. Thank you.

Irene: yog student

I enjoyed the course because there was a fair balance of information and practice. Each session had time for questions and discussing while also putting into practice the things we learned Given the short time, I feel that I learned more than I expected to and it sparked my interest to continue learning about both yoga and meditation. Through the three days I did feel that the abstract concepts (Astral-being) were easier to think of, but I still struggle. Overall, I thought it was a great course and I really appreciated it. Thank you.

Jolene (Switzerland)

Good course! I learned a lot about the practice of yoga. About the bodily side of it. How to perform the asana's and what they do for your body. But also, about the spirituality side. You talk a lot of time for explaining also for doing. I like that combination. I feel like I have really learned about yoga, instead of just doing some classes. Thank you, Karen.

Karen- yog student

This was a very informative course. It has transfigured me in a profound way. My personality has changed Subtly and since the completion, my actions and thoughts are being realigned to the higher ultimate truth. That truly shiva and shakti reside in all beings as unmanifest and manifest. And that sex is not sin, but is yet another spiritual tool to experiencing the ultimate truth which is ecstasy. Anurag is very competent in his style of relating this sacred information. He is very easy to understand and his words easily digested. With his own experience he is also able to provide key wisdom along with the tantric knowledge. I recommend the course to anyone or couple who wish to use sex divine nature and understand sex as means for enlightenment Namaste

Seth- tantra student

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