Duration: 4-Weeks

Regular Price:  $499.     After discount:  $399/person.

4-Weeks Spiritual Wellness Life-Coaching Program

Here’s a note outlining a comprehensive group wellness life-coaching program

I’m excited to introduce our upcoming Group Wellness Life-Coaching Program designed to foster holistic well-being and personal growth within our corporate community and else where. This program is meticulously crafted to align with our collective values and support individual journeys toward wellness and success.


Spirituality and Meditation: Recognizing the importance of holistic well-being, the program incorporates sessions on mindfulness, meditation, and exploring one’s spiritual connection. These practices promote mental clarity, stress reduction, and overall emotional resilience.
Affirmation and Goal Setting: Empowering each participant to envision and realize their potential, the program emphasizes the power of positive affirmations and goal setting. Through guided exercises, individuals will define and pursue both short-term milestones and overarching career or personal aspirations.
Procrastination and Habit Change: Addressing common challenges, the program delves into understanding procrastination and provides effective strategies for habit change. Participants will explore techniques to overcome procrastination, cultivate productive habits, and sustain motivation.
Achieving Smaller and Bigger Goals: Acknowledging the importance of incremental progress, the program emphasizes the value of achieving smaller goals as stepping stones toward larger objectives. By celebrating milestones, participants gain momentum and confidence to tackle more significant challenges.

Program Structure:

Workshops and Seminars/Webinars: Engaging sessions led by me will cover diverse topics, offering practical tools and strategies.

Group Discussions: Interactive sessions encouraging open dialogues, sharing experiences, and fostering a supportive community within our workplace.

Personalized Coaching: Individualized support from skilled coaches to tailor strategies and goals according to each participant’s unique needs.

Resource Hub: Access to curated resources, recommended readings, and online tools to supplement learning and growth.


– Enhance individual well-being, productivity, and resilience.
– Foster a positive and supportive workplace culture.
– Improve goal clarity, motivation, and overall satisfaction.

We’re committed to creating an inclusive, empowering environment for all participants. Your well-being matters. This program aims to support your personal and professional growth.

This program aims to combine elements of spirituality, goal setting, habit change, and support mechanisms to create a robust wellness initiative fostering an environment conducive to personal and professional growth.


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